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Is it due to the Internet that we stoped buying Newspapers?

There is an ongoing debate around the future of “Newspapers” and much of it is related to the on-line world. The past few years the industry has experienced ongoing declines in circulation and advertising revenues. Much of this decline has been blamed by some ‘experts’ to the web and the shift of customers from buying [...]

Google rides the Wave and Microsoft Bings the web…

The new offerings of two of the most commonly recognised brands in the Computing and Internet industry carry well thought and nicely sounding names… Is that all or is there anything behind the names?
In our opinion, Google is converting from the best search engine to a Tsunami (not just a wave) aiming to eliminate (or [...]

Car Industry needs Consolidation or Niche Players?

2 out of 3 American car makers have filed for bankrupcy. Once glorious massive GM has entered Chapter 11 and already handed its European arm (Opel/Vauxhal) to one of its parts suppliers, Magna, and a state controlled Russian Bank (was there ever any cold war outhere?) while Chrysler has been handed over by the Obama [...]