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The future of the mobile screen

There is no doubt that the mobile phone is no longer a luxury but an expected device to be carried by almost everyone. There are some 4.15 billion mobile connections today and the number is constantly growing. In absolute figures this represents a 62% penetration in the world’s population. Of course in reality some people [...]

The PC Hardware Industry Today, the Mobile Handset industry Tomorrow - We hope not

HP is the current global leader in the Personal computer space by market share with about 1 out of 5 PCs sold today. Dell follows but constantly slipping further behind feeling the heat of Acer. Lenovo and Toshiba fill the other top 5 spots. Going further down the list, once upon glorious names such as IBM [...]

Footballers: sportsmen or “brands”?

Every summer there are endless stories, true or rumors, with respect to footballers or coaches transfers. Kak√°, Ribery, Buffon, Ronaldo are just few names with a multi-million price tag attached to them. 30m, 80m or 100m would never be spent in other industries just to sign-in an employee, especially one with potentially 5-10 years of [...]

Open Source or Black Box Internet Services?

Open Source is an attractive term nowadays. Usually people associate open source applications with being free to use. In a way this is true as the majority are indeed free. In reality though ‘Open Source’ is nothing more than a fact: open source applications are simply allowing anyone to have access to the source code [...]

Car Industry needs Consolidation or Niche Players?

2 out of 3 American car makers have filed for bankrupcy. Once glorious massive GM has entered Chapter 11 and already handed its European arm (Opel/Vauxhal) to one of its parts suppliers, Magna, and a state controlled Russian Bank (was there ever any cold war outhere?) while Chrysler has been handed over by the Obama [...]