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Free web version of Microsoft Office - Good or Bad news?

Three years ago Google launched its own office-Suite, Google Docs, which is  available for free through the web. Microsoft, current global leader in the office suite space, with a multi billion profitable business unit, will offer a web version of Microsoft Office for free! Is this a deja vu, a 3 year lag in Microsoft [...]

Google rides the Wave and Microsoft Bings the web…

The new offerings of two of the most commonly recognised brands in the Computing and Internet industry carry well thought and nicely sounding names… Is that all or is there anything behind the names?
In our opinion, Google is converting from the best search engine to a Tsunami (not just a wave) aiming to eliminate (or [...]

Controling Web Content at the Source or at the Client side?

Free unrestricted accessing of content on the Web is in principle the ‘Bless’ of the Internet but at the same time a major social concern. Child Pornography is one very loud example. Eventhough children are encouraged to access information via the Internet to broaden their horizons and enrich their knowlage base, every responsible parent [...]