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Free web version of Microsoft Office - Good or Bad news?

Three years ago Google launched its own office-Suite, Google Docs, which is  available for free through the web. Microsoft, current global leader in the office suite space, with a multi billion profitable business unit, will offer a web version of Microsoft Office for free! Is this a deja vu, a 3 year lag in Microsoft [...]

Google, Bing, Yahoo or something else?

Which search engine is the best? In our opinion, the one that helps the user find exactly what is looking for! Various search engines exist today and many others have been around in the past and faded away. Others are starting up and each single one claims to deliver the “best results”
In our opinion, the best [...]

Is it due to the Internet that we stoped buying Newspapers?

There is an ongoing debate around the future of “Newspapers” and much of it is related to the on-line world. The past few years the industry has experienced ongoing declines in circulation and advertising revenues. Much of this decline has been blamed by some ‘experts’ to the web and the shift of customers from buying [...]

Twitter’s Simplicity: An asset or a liability?

Twitter is with no doubt a brilliant idea. Its very questionable though if it is a ‘useful’ service or just a seasonal hype and whether users really need this or use it for fun or out of curiosity or in some cases addiction… Beyond the value proposition of Twitter service to its users which probably [...]

Google rides the Wave and Microsoft Bings the web…

The new offerings of two of the most commonly recognised brands in the Computing and Internet industry carry well thought and nicely sounding names… Is that all or is there anything behind the names?
In our opinion, Google is converting from the best search engine to a Tsunami (not just a wave) aiming to eliminate (or [...]

Controling Web Content at the Source or at the Client side?

Free unrestricted accessing of content on the Web is in principle the ‘Bless’ of the Internet but at the same time a major social concern. Child Pornography is one very loud example. Eventhough children are encouraged to access information via the Internet to broaden their horizons and enrich their knowlage base, every responsible parent [...]

Open Source or Black Box Internet Services?

Open Source is an attractive term nowadays. Usually people associate open source applications with being free to use. In a way this is true as the majority are indeed free. In reality though ‘Open Source’ is nothing more than a fact: open source applications are simply allowing anyone to have access to the source code [...]

Free or Paid Internet Services?

The range of services available on the Internet today is inconceivable. From basic information websites, search engines, to web-mail, social networking applications with hundreds of applications, on-line games, chatting tools, photo albums, virtual storage drives even complete powerful office suites and business applications. What should be even more inconceivable - and is not - is [...]